Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rape on the rise in Haiti

It's been over a month now since the horrific earthquake in Haiti. Now, from the UK Independent and the Canadian Press, rape and other violence against women is on the rise. Crimes against women have a shady past in Haiti. Rape was only criminalized in 2005, after President Aristide was exiled. Domestic abuse is still a "family matter". Put simply, women are and have long been second-class citizens in Haiti. And yet...where is the MSM? Where is the Obama administration? Recall for a moment the false rumors of rape and anarchy in New Orleans following Katrina and the reporting of it as fact by the MSM. If you believed the MSM reporting, the whole of New Orleans had reverted to some primitive, tribal state, with people plundering and murdering at will. Yet none of it actually happened, and the Bush administration was vilified for it. Fast forward to 2010. A search of the NY Times showed not a single article on the subject. Why? Is this not fit news to print? Why can the international media pick up on this, but not ours? And why not a single word from the Obama administration? Is this not worthy of even a minute of his time and attention?

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