Sunday, June 28, 2009

State of the Stimulus

So what have we gotten for our trillions of dollars in stimulus? Nothing, apparently. The fine folks at Innocent Bystanders have plotted out the actual unemployment figures vs the Obama economic team's pie-in-the-sky predictions. Not surprisingly, not only were Obama's predictions wrong, the stimulus has failed, badly:

For clarification, the dark blue line is Obama's "with recovery" projections, and the light blue line is without. The maroon dots are actual unemployment data as reported by the Labor Department. Now, granted, Obama has since said unemployment might top 10% this year, as if that makes it all better. Joe "The Fall Guy" Biden has come out and said they guessed wrong. Guessed wrong?! When it comes to putting my kids into debt to the Chinese by TRILLIONS, no had better be guessing.

Just as a reminder, here is the Heritage Foundation plot of Obama's deficit spending:

Remember this in 2010.

Bill Watch: HR 1913

The so-called hate crimes bill that passed under everyone's noses back in April (didn't even hear about this one on the Interweb). I particularly like this section:

So if the AG can dig up some politically-motivated reason, he can federalize the state courts. That's just great.

Call your Senators. This thing must die.

It can't hurt

So, I fired off a letter to Chairman Steele this morning, after finding out about the 8 Republican traitors (thanks to Ms. Malkin for compiling that). that voted for the steaming pile that is Obama's carbon tax. I fully expect it to dropped into the bit bucket (flames to dev/null and such), but as the title says, it can't hurt.

Dear Chairman Steele,

I'm surprised you keep a e-mail address publicly available, as I'm sure you get plenty of hate mail. The following will probably read rough and acerbic, but sometimes such is the nature of truth. The GOP leadership needs to, in short, grow some stones and a spine. The last few months have seen the Obama administration waste literally TRILLIONS of dollars on "stimulus" which has failed utterly to stimulate anything other the national debt and Obama's quest for power, the characterization of Constitution-loving conservatives as "extremists" (read: potential threats to the Obama regime), and now this monstrous, demon-from-hell carbon tax bill, based on bogus pseudo-science, that passed because 8 REPUBLICANS voted yes. The GOP can't even keeps its own people in line, and, as the GOP chairman, the buck stops with you.

I supported your run for GOP chairman, because you seemed like a solid conservative. The problem is, you're a nice guy. Under other circumstances, that wouldn't be an issue. But now is not the time for nice guys. When Obama and his socialist ilk are fulfilling 80 years of running roughshod over the Constitution, it is not the time to be nice. Obama has weaknesses; he can't stand up to truthful, fact-based criticism for long. You must shine the withering light of Truth on him; everywhere he goes, you must be there waiting. Stop trying to parse the citizens of the country like the Democrats do; educate them. People know Liberty when they see it and hear it, and believe me, people WANT to hear Liberty shouted from every rooftop. Hispanics want to hear Liberty; Asians want to hear Liberty; You KNOW blacks want to hear Liberty; AMERICANS want to hear Liberty. Give it to them. Stop the whining about how the media is tank for Obama; Witness the power of the Internet in Iran, and tell me that can't work here also. Stop being nice, and start fighting for this Union and our Constitution.

Best Regards