Thursday, February 11, 2010

The End for Debra Medina....???

Debra Medina, who up until this evening was my favored candidate for Texas Governor, inserted her foot up to her hip in her mouth on Glenn Beck, opening up some doubt on whether or not she is a Truther. I am exceedingly frustrated with her, but completely hacked off with Beck. The transcript of the interview can be found here. Ms. Medina was giving an excellent interview until Beck dropped the Truther bomb. She could have responded with something to the effect of "The federal government had no involvement in 9/11," and gone on her way to clobber Perry on eminent domain and HPV vaccines, but to her credit, she responded with a rather poorly thought out answer about how people should question their government. Totally consistent with her political philosophy, and on any other topic would have passed without a thought. But this was 9/11, and she opened the door to the belief that she was a Truther, and Beck hammered her on it. Beck shut the door on her, even as she attempted to explain her answer. Question: Medina is a candidate for Texas Governor. How is 9/11, or Truthers, relevant to that office? What point was Beck trying to make? He made no bones about that fact that he likes Perry in the transcipt. I have to ask...did he intentionally torpedo Medina? Why pull the rug out from under a Tea Party candidate? Her polling has skyrocketed, for good reason, in the last 4 weeks. She pulled even with KBH, possibly even pulled ahead of her. Was Perry, the 10-year incumbent, feeling a little heat? I supposed we'll never know the answers. Medina, in full damage-control mode, later released a statement abjectly denying she was a Truther, but it may be too late. Time will tell. I do have this to say; Beck, stay out of Texas business. I will not watch your show, buy your your print media, listen to your radio show, or patronize your advertisers (especially Goldline!), and I will encourage others to do the same.

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