Sunday, February 14, 2010

Medina-gate, part deux

I had the opportunity to listen to the Medina-Beck interview. It sounds worse for Medina than it reads on paper. I've listened to Beck long enough to know when he's being sincere and when he's being sarcastic, and he was being straight with Medina when he asked about her status as a Truther. Her first answer was definitely the response you would expect someone who just got blind-sided, but the second time he asked her response was she "hadn't formed an opinion," and then proceeded on to say that people should question their government. What? You don't have an opinion? Either she IS a truther, and did a really bad job of covering it, or (worse) she doesn't have a concept of the whole Truther movement, which is that the Bush administration had a direct hand in orchestrating 9/11. It's not about questioning the government; it's a particularly distasteful flavor of Bush Derangement Syndrome, especially given the vast bulk of evidence that says fire, not explosives, brought the towers down. The point is, does she live under a rock? Joe Pags, of WOAI in San Antonio, made an excellent point last Friday. We share the longest border in the country with Mexico, which is notoriously porous. Anyone running for governor should have some thoughts on security and terrorism. I agree.

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