Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Learning to readjust: A new view of FDR

Growing up, a good number of us, especially those of us under the age of 40, had been told by teachers, parents, and grandparents that 4-term President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a near saint, and I am no exception. He singlehandedly rescued the country from the throws of the Great Depression, led us through World War II, beat back the Germans and Japanese, and all from a wheelchair. It wasn't until a little later (my early teens) I learned that Social Security, the most successful and most dangerous Ponzi scheme in the history of the world, was his brain child, and that certainly tarnished his glossy luster. But, it wasn't until I was fully grown and out of the public school system that I learned for myself about the fullness of Roosevelt's socialism. This will be something I explore more here. As a teaser, I offer up the Second Bill of Rights, a Marxist's dream of so-called "rights", which could only be implemented under a full command economy. I think the Soviet Union tried that once. We know where it got them.

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